Medical Welfare Services

The hospital’s Medical Welfare Services Unit was established in 1997 to help the poor and needy with financial assistance. The Medical Welfare Services unit is a caring and responsive team that serves the local community who are in need of medical assistance by offering medical financial aid. The Medical Welfare Officer also liaises with doctors, nurses, other health professionals, as well as community resources and welfare agents in providing solutions for patients who are unable to meet medical costs. As responsible stewards of the charity funds, the team ensures that there is accountability and visibility for each case that is presented to the relevant committee for fund disbursement.

Charity Application Process

Please refer below for the Charity Application Process.
Application Form
Get the Application Form from a Medical Welfare Officer.
Submission of Documents
Get the Application Form from a Medical Welfare Officer.
Verification and home visitation to ensure that information provided is true and accurate.
Committee Approval
The Penang Adventist Hospital Charity Fund Committee Members reserve the right to approve or reject the application.
Approve/ Reject

Our Medical Welfare Officer

If you require medical assistance, reach out to our Medical Welfare Officers at the contact stated below.