MDT for Lung Cancer

We provide a one-stop treatment and care for lung cancer using holistic approach. We improve patient care and outcomes by minimising delays between diagnosis and commencement of treatment by having a team of specialists to plan the treatment that is deemed best for the patient. Specialists from different expertise will meet and develop treatment options based on patient’s conditions. The treatment plans are then collaboratively developed by the team considering all modalities and options for the lung cancer patient.


  • Diagnosis of lung cancer
    • Biopsy
      • pleuroscope for pleural effusion
      • bronchoscope for intraluminal bronchial biopsy, transbronchial biopsy
    • Treatment of cancer related complications
      • Airway stenting, airway obstruction
      • Pleurodesis for malignancy pleural effusion
      • Pleural drainage or Indwelling pleural catheter insertion
    • Screening of lung cancer
  • Imaging
    • Image guided lung biopsy
  • Screening of lung cancer (using CT thorax)
Nuclear Medicine Physician
  • PET scan: comprehensive, detail assessment for tumor staging
  • Identification of the nature of the tumor
  • Treatment of lung cancer
  • Radiation management of the lung tumor
Thoracic surgeon
  • Perform chest surgery e.g.: removal of tumor
Preventive Medicine (Public Health Doctor)
Palliative care
Physical therapies / Dietitian
  • Psychotherapy for anxiety, depression etc
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> 50 test parameters

  • Blood Group (ABO & Rh)
  • Full Blood Examination
    • Haemoglobin
    • Total White Blood Cell – Neutrophils
    • Lymphocytes
    • Monocytes
    • Eosinophils
    • Basophils
    • Red Blood Cell Index – Total Red Blood Cell
    • MCV
    • MCH
    • MCHC
    • Platelet count
  • ESR
  • Lipids Profile
    • Total Chol
    • HDL
    • LDL
    • Trig
    • Tol Chol/HDL
  • Hep Bs Antibody (AbsAb) & Antigen (AbsAg)
  • TSH (Thyroid)
  • RA Factor (Rheumatoid Arthritis)
  • AFP (Alpha Feto Protein)
  • Kidney Function
    • Urine FEME
    • Sodium
    • Potassium (K+)
    • Chloride
    • Carbon Dioxide
    • Calcium (CA ++)
    • Creatinine
    • Phosphate (PO4)
  • Uric Acid (Urate)
  • Liver Function
    • Total Bilirubin
    • Total Protein
    • Albumin
    • Globulin
    • Alkaline Phosphatase
    • AST (SGOT)
    • ALT (SGPT) & GGT